July at Arden’s

We ran some 40 car trains; the North guys showed their module loop. Robert woke everyone up with his booming sound system that has some nice possibilities.
We had two guests. Bruce, an HO modeler from Shasta area. And we had Mitch from Loomis who I think is going to be our newest member. He took home a few S scale boxes. There were four first time visitors to my layout – Bruce, Evan, Mitch and Robert.
Nine of us had dinner afterwards at the Waterloo Restaurant just down the road. Ribs and pasta, beer and pie a la mode. What is better than that?

The new Sweeney Helix

The club met at Jim Sweeney’s home to inspect the new helix. This was installed to reduce the grade to get from the lower to the upper level in the next room. Looks like the inspectors are on the brink of approving the helix.

We also discussed our new modular layout. There was one table completed to the point of some track installed. Too bad somebody forgot to bring the legs so we had to look at it on the floor. We ironed out some more specifications, which are being refined as we begin to build the modules.

Other topics for the day: O/S West in May (increasing our involvement) and a possible new car to be produced by the BASS group for S Scale.

Weed, CA Meeting and Layout Tour

We just returned from a great couple of days and nights in the beautiful Mount Shasta area. Our thanks go to our three hosts, John Rolston, Dave Scott, and Bill Young. Their enthusiasm, thorough preparations, and cordial hospitality ensured a truly memorable weekend. We toured several layouts in the area, N scale, HO scale, and S Scale.

You can see pictures of the layouts here: Weed Layout Tour.

May meeting: iPhone/Android throttle demonstration

We met at Michael Eldridge’s layout. The layout is just starting out. Michael demonstrated using an iPhone or Android phone as a wireless DCC controller.
He also showed how the iPhone can be used as a live video camera with the video displayed by any computer in the wireless network in real time. On the layout, the backdrop sky and clouds were painted, and the first set of photo backdrop buildings was installed. Now it’s time to finish the trackwork in this industrial area.