Diorama Contest

O Scale West – S Scale West – Narrow Gauge West
Santa Clara, CA May 24-26, 2018

diorama sample

Build a diorama combining diecast vehicles, farm equipment, and model trains

Here is a chance to expand your hobby to include new types of equipment and scenes. Diecast hobbyists can add tracks and railroad cars into a scene with their vehicles and farm equipment. Model railroaders can tap into the extensive selection of diecast models to improve their railroad scenes.

A first place award of $100 and a second place award of $50 will be given at 4:00 pm on the last day of the convention (Saturday).

For the contest, dioramas must meet these criteria:

  1. Dioramas must be built in 1:48 (“O scale”) or 1:64 (“S Scale”) with standard gauge railroad track and equipment, or may be built in any scale with narrow gauge railroad track and equipment.
    • Dioramas in 1:48 may include 1:43 to 1:50 diecast models
  2. Diorama size is a maximum of nine square feet in any shape. 
  3. Diorama can be placed on a table or be free-standing.
  4. Diorama must have some model train content and some diecast content.
    • A short track and one freight car is the minimum for the train.
    • Railroad track and equipment must be “scale,” not “tinplate” (not unmodified American Flyer, not 3-rail O)
    • Three diecast vehicles or equipment is minimum for the diecast.
  5. Dioramas will be judged on the following four criteria:  realism/authenticity, craftsmanship/customization, complexity/difficulty, creativity.
  6. Diorama builders must be registered for the O Scale West – S Scale West – Narrow Gauge West convention prior to May 20, 2018. 
  7. To enter, fill out the entry form and bring your diorama and module to O Scale West. Click here to download the Diorama Contest Entry Form

If you have any questions, contact Dave McBrayer at d_mcbrayer@comcast.net