First run across modules from multiple builders

img_20170318_135004650_33136634460_oThis is the first time we have hooked together tables built by different people. Modules from three people were built separately and brought together. Other than repairing wiring that was pulled loose in transit, there were no operational problems. The specifications worked!

We took a short video. You can see hints that this isn’t your grandmother’s oval:

S West Dinner

S Scale Friends Dinner at S-West

Friday, May 26, 2017        5:30 P.M.

El Torito Restaurant

477 East Calaveras, Milpitas, CA  95035


Click here to reserve your spot

Come enjoy a dinner of great Mexican food, including steak or chicken tacos,
cheese enchiladas, Caesar salad, beans, rice, sweet corn cake, tortilla
chips and salsa. The restaurant provides a room for our group, so we can do
what S Scalers do best – talk about everything under sun. Dinner will be
buffet style. Soft drinks will be provided, other drinks can be purchased
from the bar.