Member’s Layouts

Ed Loizeaux: NYC in California

Ed Loizeaux has built a large layout depicting the New York Central railroad in upstate New York. To see photos of Ed’s layout, click here. There is also a video on the S Sig website: Click here to see the video.

Ed Loizeaux's layout

Bill Roberts: San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway

My layout is a 9 by 15 oval with an area of about 90 square feet. It has 105 feet of mainline track, No. 6 switches, 44 inch radius curves and 1-1/2% grades. The layout is designed for running trains, and each siding is a staging track to hold a short train. Its inspiration is the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway, which started laying track in 1885. Today on the prototype only a small part of the original right-of-way remains in use by the Union Pacific. However, business is booming on the S scale version! To see photos of Bill’s layout, click here.


Arden Goehring: Union Pacific

This is a large layout depicting specific areas of the Union Pacific.
To see photos of Arden’s layout, click here.


Dick Karnes: The New York Westchester and Boston

The New York, Westchester & Boston, long dead in real life, lives on in Dick Karnes’ basement. The 12 x 43 NYW&B rosters anthracite steamers and heavy electrics under catenary. The NYC and New Haven have partial trackage rights. The setting is eastern New York State and western Massachusetts in 1955. To see photos of Dick’s layout, click here.


Jim Sweeney: The Southern Pacific in the Oakland North Bay area

Jim models specific scenes from the Oakland and North Bay areas, such as the famous Oakland mole. To see photos of Jim’s layout, click here.


Bill Young: A master bridge builder

Bill Young has created some amazing bridges on his layout, including a working lift bridge. To see photos of Bill’s layout, click here.

Bill Young's Layout

Dave Scott: Dunsmuir, CA

Dave Scott is building a large layout with scenes from and around Dunsmuir, CA. To see photos of Daves layout, click here.

Dave Scott's Layout

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